Services Offered

Consultation (Mandatory with first trim)

Meeting with owner to help identify issues and formulate a plan. Prior to the meeting, I require owners to print and fill out the form on the CLIENT Page. The meeting will include diet analysis, review of animals history, and observing the animals movement. 

Maintenance Trim

Routine maintenance of hooves  to provide the animal with optimal comfort, balance, health and support.

Corrective Trim

Identifying and addressing pathologies to provide the animal with optimal comfort, balance, health and support. Correction can take anywhere from 1 to several trims over time, depending on the severity of the issue.

Goat Trimming 

As with Equines, keeping your goats hooves tidy will help keep them healthy and happy.


Applying a cast or a cast package including solar support materials can be useful when the hoof is not structurally able to support the horse comfortably.

Glue-on Shoes and Boots

The application of a synthetic Glue-on shoe or boot for hoof protection and support over an extended period of time for an event, trip, or to grow out a pathology. 

Boot Fitting

There are so many choices with boot styles, sizes and uses, it's hard to know where to start. I can fit your horse with the hoof protection he needs for the job at hand.

Boot Repair

In most cases, boots can be repaired. I can repair your boots or show you how to do it yourself.

Boot Customization

Sometimes boots do not fit perfectly straight out of the box. I can help you find fitting solutions to customize your horse's boots to optimize boot retention, comfort and performance.

EasyCare Dealer

As an Authorized EasyCare Dealer, I carry my own inventory of products, so I might have exactly what you need on hand. If not, I can obtain the products you need quickly.

Precision Pick Dealer

This is a Must-Have tool for horse-owners and hoof-care professionals. Easily determine hoof balance, check growth angles, and so much more. Available in Inches, Millimeters, or both. Contact me to purchase.
Veterinary Preference Thrush Remedy Dealer
Available in liquid spray, or saturated swabs. Contact me to purchase.